With a bit of bling!

When I heard that the “social club” from work wasn’t doing well and they were calling for ideas to raise some funds I started getting excited about the idea of creating something 😊

I have been wanting to work on a couple of projects and this was the best excuse to practise and also to donate them to work and raffle them all in a bundle.

The first thing was creating some “glittered stemless wine glasses” and I had a pretty good idea of what kind of vinyl decoration I wanted for them; the second was a board, I thought of a cheese board, but the. I saw these awesome mandala and also some dream catcher svg cut files and I was in love!

My Cricut machine did the cutting of the vinyls used. For the lady mandala board that I finally chose to use it took 70 minutes to be cut!! And another 80-90 minutes to weed (taking all the small bits with Cricut tools).

After the weeding was done and the image stuck to the clean board I gave it 2 layers of clear Micador spray to give it an extra Sealed finish to the project.

Starting weeding and finished project

As for the process of the glasses it took 3 layers of 1- Mod podge applied with foam brush 2- glitter the glued surface 3- brush off excess glitter and repeat these three steps twice more.

Finished project “Mandala Lady Board”

After all the layers of glitter were applied I brushed a new layer of Mod podge and Dyer it was dried I gave it 5 layers of Micador spray to seal the glitter. These products (the finished glasses) are not supposed to be washed in the dishwasher and only hand washed (without soaking it) te fun part was to add the phrases!!

Today I took these three and a basket to work and told them what my idea was and they were very pleased with it and so we will add a bottle of wine, some crackers or nuts and the bundle will be ready for the raffle!

I intend to make these for my shop, if you would like to order any of these, please let me know 🙂

Have an awesome week ahead!


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