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How to organize your Vinyl rolls

From the moment I bought my Cricut Explore Air 2 I started to accumulate vinyl and also lots of blanks such as bottles, glasses, T-shirt’s … but that’s another set of problems! Or set of hoarding? 🤔

At first I thought I could organize my material using 12”x12” wallets I purchased at The Reject Shop and so I cut all my vinyl (including the ones I had bought by the meter) at first it was great and because I had wallets for iron-on, others for metamark 7, others for cricut vinyl, etc you get the idea.


  • Minimal use of space
  • Ready to go vinyl, all nice and flat
  • Cheap storage (aud$2.00) per case


  • Hard to find or not to remember the range of colors you have
  • They get messy quite easily; with all the left over bits and the sheets themselves.
  • You will end up with several wallets and you will also definitely need some kind of box to organize them all in the end.

So, after a while I gave in and I purchsed the quite famous IKEA plastic bag dispenser , the very same ones at  first I thought they were too popular for my style.

I had seen a great way to arrange them, which was in my opinion the best option for me and for many others, and that’s why I’m sharing this with you.


  • Cheap
  • Stores a lot of material in little space, so space productive.
  • Easy access to all of your material
  • you are able to see all what you have at one glance


  • You need to allocate some room for this storage unit
  • All your material will be on sight, which is probably what I don’t like the most, because I try too keep as tidy as possible due to all the crafting materials and tools I have (I have a problem Hahahah! “My name is Mariella and I’m a craftoholic, I love trying all crafts…”

To build one of these you will need:

  1. Using the wood burning tool (or anything like that) make three holes in the positions shown, on the bottom of each bad dispenser. In this way you will be able to attach the “tiers” of your storage unit. The dispenser can stick to each other “back to back” but not bottom to top, that’s why you need to make these holes.
  2. Using the cable ties join the tiers of the storage, putting them through the holes you made and the openings of the dispenser themselves.
  3. Peel off the doubles sided mounting tape that comes with the bag dispensers and attach them back to back, all three. They will now become one whole 6 piece storage unit.
  4. Using double sided mounting tape glue the bottom of the storage to a lazy Susan. So you can move your storage around!
  5. your unit is ready!
  6. the inner openings can hold a full sized Cricut vinyl roll, but you won’t be able to use the outer openings for full rolls instead you can use these (well, I do) to roll my smaller bits, cut outs and sometimes bigger ones without the center cardboard, that makes it impossible to use them.

I have “divided” my unit into parts, for instance the bottom part is for iron-on material and the top ones for Metamark 7 which is my favourite vinyl so far – I get mine from Vinyl Loft Australia. The big roll you can see, near my logo, is my contact paper, that I now place in between inner rolls and it works great!

Overall, I’m very happy with this organization storage and now it’s up to you! Please share your pics with me! I can’t wait to hear to building storage succes stories!

Messy room but tidy vinyl!

Until next time!

Have a fantastic day ahead 😉


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