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From ink to pixels

I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t interested in learning calligraphy or “just” in having a nice looking handwriting.

Over the years I developed chronic tendinitis due to double writing my notes in high school, draft and then onto their proper notebooks, but this didn’t stop me from wanting to improve my skills. My handwriting didn’t develop much until later on when I started selling online and using calligraphy textas, then calligraphy pens with ink cartridges and it worked very well until I realized I could be using dio pens which led me to a whole lot of spending and learning!

This is how I address the envelopes for my clients. This is a fake address

There is so much to learn and sometimes it feels like there is no progress at all; but I keep going, why? Because it’s pretty, because drawing words is very satisfying.

Then I discovered that I could be doing lettering using a program called Procreate, it this had to be done using a later generation iPad or iPad Pro, because these have the sensitivity to recognise the Apple pencil and the different pressures applied to the screen.

You can click on this end download the PNG file

The best part of all this is that I can use the created artwork into files that then I can upload to Cricut design space and make pretty things!

Best one to date! – Click/tap on the image to download the file

Yes, I can make projects using files bought from online or just using the fonts I have in my computer/iPad, but I really like feeling that the project is my creation! Don’t you?

I finally was able to get an iPad Pro and i started using the app Procreate as well this week.

Would you like to try these files?

Just click/tap on the pictures and grab the freebies!! I will probably end up selling my designs later in, but for now I want to share them for free with all of you.

Please share this with your friends! And please show me your finished projects♥️♥️♥️

Have a wonderful creative week and make the best of your every second of your life.


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