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Treatment room

I’ve been working for years in two different work spaces, it was time to make the fusion a reality.

This is my dining room, now nice and uncluttered.

It might not look like much to you, but it is a HUGE difference for me,for us.
Not long after James passed away I started working on my Etsy and bit by bit my dining table became my workshop and besides it an ever growing stack of storage container for my charms and all the findings; as well as my stash of envelopes, pens, inks, stamps and many other bits I need for work.
A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to move everything to the *treatment room. After 8 hours of hard ‘hands on’ work that left me with a very sore back and my sciatica asking for a break I was done.

Inside my Treatment Room.

As many of you know I practise many Crafts, because I love them all! Also because I sell many different things in my Etsy that require different techniques, etc. Why is this important? Well, I have to leave my “stuff” with easy access, I can’t put things away, and that’s why probably it doesn’t look like those pretty white, perfect and tidy Instagram style craft rooms, but to me this is a perfect space for my work and also full of memories and a refuge to find myself in my crafts.
I should have probably published this in my almost forgotten blog! I may do that, too afterwards…
Anyhow, Enzo and myself love this new craft room, “studio, my beloved treatment room.

*treatment room: My James used to do his airway (clearing) physiotherapy A.K.A. “Treatment” within the cystic fibrosis community; sitting at his desk, coughing for about 2 hours, three times a day after a ventolin nebuliser. He would call this room “the treatment room” and I would say it’s my “craft room” because I had the most (craft) items in there, he would reply that it was “treatment room” because he spent more time than me there (doing treatment).
Now in his honour I call it the “treatment room”🥰.

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