Exaggerated Rustic slouchy beanie with straight needles

This post is quick and useful.

For a while now I wanted to make myself a pair of rustic style knitting needles , like the crochet hooks I make, but when I made them I couldn’t think of anything to use them for! What a dilema!!

I needed a project for individual needles and I then thought of a beanie, a slouchy beanie!

After it is finished we will join it using a crochet hook! (You could USA yarning needles and use a mattress stitch ti do so as well!)

I Looked around just to find the exact yarn for my 8 mm needles !

This is the pattern I want to share with you.

Exaggerated Rustic slouchy beanie with straight needles

Thanks Alia from @thelittlebeenz for inviting me to show #widn !! I'm glad to say that I finally started and ended a project in one sitting! I made this slouchy as a gift and to make it I used the knitting needles I made!! And they were a pleasure to work
Materials :
100 grams of chunky yarn that calls for 8 mm needles
8 mm straight needles or circular if you prefer ūüôā
Pompon maker or 2 donut shaped cardboard cut outs to make Pompon
Crochet hook size , 6 or 7 mm to join the beanie
Yarning needle

Gauge :
10 stitches and 12 rows to 10 cm x 12 cm

Cast on 58 stitches
2 knits, 2 purls , ribbing for 7 rows
Next you will work in stockinette starting with a purl row. Row 8 is the right side and it should look like the purl side of the stockinette,
*R8: rights side. Purl,
R9: Knit
R10: purl
The next 4 rows are also stockinette BUT with the knit side to the right side of the beanie. For this you will again Purl the next row.
Repeat from Row 8 to 16 , twice more.

R49: purl
R51: purl 17, purl 2 tog, purl 18, purl 2tog, purl 17, purl 2 tog.(55 sts)
R52: Knit 26, Knit 2 tog, Knit 27 (54 sts)
R53: *purl 7, purl 2 tog* x 6 (48 sts)

R54: purl all
R55: *knit 6, k2tog* x 6 (42 sts)
R56: purl all
R57: *knit 5, k2tog* x 6 (36 sts)

R58: purl all
R59: *knit 4, k2tog* x 6 (30 sts)
R60: purl all
R61: *knit 3, k2tog* x 6 (24 sts)
R62: purl all
R63: *knit 2, k2tog* x 6 (18 sts)

Now you will cut a 20cm piece of tail of your working yarn and thread through all the stitches and pull it, go through the stitches again and this time pull tightly.

Finish off and knot it securely.
Now we will use a new yarn and using a 6 or 7 mm crochet hook we will join the seams into a pretty and comfortable beanie!
Working from the top down; slip knot and purl one side of a right side stitch and one from the left side, yarn over and slip stitch (go through all the loops on the hook)
Check this illustration to clarify this process.

After you have finished, please weave all ends using a yarn needle.

Make a pompon using a pompon maker or two donut shaped cardboard cut outs and attach to your exaggerated slouchy beanie.

And that’s it!
It should take you more than a couple of hours !
Happy knitting!

Love and Light


“Spiders’ nap” an easy Summer’s cardigan

Long ago, probably years! that I wanted to make myself a very loose summer cardigan ; for one reason or another I had not done it. ¬†Not having the “just right” material and pattern for it were these reasons.

thankfully this summer I found a solution for both these problems, when I went to another  yarn shop and found the perfect cotton and in regards of the pattern I just followed the basics of raglan.

That is why this is not a proper pattern but more like a guide.

I decided to call it spiders’ nap because it is so very simple!

“Spiders’ nap” a simple summer cardigan¬†

This design is very adaptable to any measurement, the only thing you have to do is to follow some steps to make sure the cardigan fits right.


200 grams (depends on size , this is what use for mine) of cotton, in my case use Patons “Sorrento” – this has been discontinued instead you could use any cotton blend with viscose that calls for 3.5 mm needles. ¬†Sorrento cotton blend is thick and thin and makes it so nice; it’s the feature of the cardigan itself.

100 grams of cotton Yarn , one that is heavier than the main material.

6 mm circular needles

2 stitch holders (or wool remnant)

10. Stitch markers – you can find lovely ones here at this link

5 mm Crochet hook


This part is very important, your cardigan right measurements depend on this.

Work 20 stitches for 20 rows In stockinette stitch (One row in Knit the other in purl) this is the stitch used for the cardigan, if you wish to use a different one , then work your sample with the chosen stitch.

When you finish the sample check that amount of stitches used per centimeter (or in two centimeters if that’s easier to measure) also check the number of rows per centimeter and writes the results in a notebook.


Measure around neck and shoulders (from where you want your cardigan to begin) , for this you will probably need someone else to assist you.

Now you have your neck measurement and you can calculate the amount of stitches needed using your conversion the sample.

Example: 2 stitches = 1 cm

neck measures = 45 cm

90 Stitches needed to start your cardigan from neck.

Dividing the raglan cardigan 

This cardigan works from the neck down , which also includes sleeves which you will leave on a hold once reeaching the armhole depth (under arm).

To divide this work you will need (8) stitch markers, located after and before the four increases.

the stitches will form some kind of C shape for the cardigan.

There are 6 spots that will have a certain amount of stitches that will remain unchanged.

1 stitch per front side and one in between increases around the arms.

I will use my own cardigan measurements as an example:

Number of stitches = 48 stitches (after using my sample to convert) 6 which will remain 1 all along, split the remaining 42 in proportions here explained

Front: 1 stitch

¬†stitch marker – 1 stitch¬†in between raglan increases¬†¬†–¬†stitch marker

Sleeve: 9 stitches(21.42%)

stitch marker Р1 stitch in between raglan increases Рstitch marker

back: 24 stitches (57.14%)

stitch marker- 1 stitch in between raglan increases Рstitch marker

Sleeve: 9 stitches (21.42%) 

stitch marker Р1 stitch in between raglan increases Рstitch marker

front: 1 stitch

To make your calculations in stitches you only need to use this conversion table:

Sleeve = 21.42 X (the number of  total stitches taking away 6) / (divided by) 100 = amount of stitches  per sleeve, if The result is not a whole number round it up

Back = 57.14 X (the number of total number of stitches taking away 6) / (divided by) 100 = amount of back stitches , if The result is not a whole number round it up

Knitting instructions 

With all the stitch markers in place you are ready to Knit away!

How to make the increases? 

increases are only made when we do Knit rows , purl rows are worked without any increases.

DO NOT forget to make good use of the stitch markers.  When you Knit and you approach a stitch marker you have to do a yarn over , pass the stitch marker over , Knit the ONE stitch in between markers, pass the other stitch marker to the right needle and do another yarn over.

On the purl row , the yarn overs will be worked as purl accordingly.

Keep working like this until you reach the under arm.  Measure yourself around the arm making sure it fits.

When you have reached the measurements get ready to separate the arms using stitch holders or yarn pieces.

Knit until you reach the first raglan arm increase; and place all the arm stitches on a stitch holder. ¬†Knit all through out the back and place all stitches that belong to the arm on another stitch holder.¬†I decided to include the one isolated stitch (in between increases) to the arm stitches. ¬†Remember trying to knit quite tightly in between the arms, front and back , in order to avoid a big space under the arm, which will be also stitched up in the end , so don’t stress too much about it. ¬†In the following rows you can keep on working on this, too.

Front increases

even though the main increases (arms ) have been done, we need to keep increasing in the front.  We will do this until reaching the same amount of stitches we have in the back.

Increases take place always Knit rows.

First stitch is knitted, make an invisible increase, kNotting one stitch but using the right loop from the stitch just below, then Knit the same stitch as a knit, keep knitting until one stitch is left, and make another invisible increase in the same way. Do this until having enough stitches (both sides should sum up the same amount or close to , the amount of stitches of the back).

IMPORTANT! leave a stitch marker on each side on the very last increase you do. This will help you when crocheting the edge of your cardigan.

Arriving at the desired height, change to the other cotton and work in stockinette for another 15 rows and another 3 in garter stitch.

Cast off : knit first two stitches, pass the first over the second, leaving just one on the right needle, Knit one more and donthe same thing, pass the first stitch over the second, keep working this way until you have cast off all of them.

It is time to resume the sleeves

Place stitches from the sleeves to the circular needles. ¬†Make sure you leave the inside of the arm (as oposite to the shoulder) at the start of your work if you are comfortable work it it’s the magic loop and two at once.

Resume knitting for 10 cm , after this we do decreases at the start and end off the round.

*Knit 1, Knit 2 together, Knit until 3 sts are left , slip next st to the right needle without knitting it, Knit the one after and pass the slipped stitch over the knitted one, Knit the last one*

Knit 5 more rounds

decrease on the next one

knit 3 more

decrease again for the last time(unless you prefer more decreasing)

change to heavier cotton for the last 15 rounds in stockinette and the very last 3 in garter stitch

when working with magic loop garter stitch or the effect of garter stitch has to be done like follows:

round 1: purl

R2: knit

R3: purl

cast off as shown above.

Cast off : knit first two stitches, pass the first over the second, leaving just one on the right needle, Knit one more and donthe same thing, pass the first stitch over the second, keep working this way until you have cast off all of them.

Crochet Edge

For this part, we will use the friend crochet.  Using single crochet

starting at the bottom of the cardigan:

ODD ROWS: 2 single crochet  where you left the stitch marker (where the last increased occurred) around the bust.

Single crochet 2 together where the raglan increasing happened.  (4 spots)

EVEN ROWS: single crochet all round

Total of rowls 5. OR more if you prefer, you can also work button holes if you want to add buttons to your cardigan.

divide the amount of stitches from where the last increase was(around the bust)  make one every 12 cm , and instead of working two single crochets replace them with 2 chains, you will single crochet in those on the next round and you will have button holes!

it is a very simple cardigan!

I hope you make it and share with me your results!

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This time of year is probably less work we do with our hands, I am referring to the summer holidays, time to recreate, to get inspired and get motivated. Although it seems that I live in eternal holiday in this fabulous country, but the truth is from the year 2009 that did not come out of nowhere and before that date was the 2007 or I leave very little and there was something calling me for a ride. ¬†It is super difficult exit or 'fun' without the physical presence of my James… Why is that he is part of each plan in my life. An of them tasks for these holiday was make delivery of the dolls in the offices of Fibrosis cystic where will be organized in bags of gift for children with this disease. ¬†It was great to be able to meet all those who are behind this fabulous organization.


The trip was Regal in train with a tremendous bag full of dolls and with much glitter! -It is another story but it is the truth, much glitter… Octavio "Tavy" my son was with me and we decided to make a special day with the first leg to Melbourne. ¬†So after going to let the puppets had to The National Gallery of Victoria and enjoy hours surrounded by art… Ohhhh! It was wonderful and we will go again if God wants to end the journey.

national gallery of victoria and Cowes trip 062

national gallery of victoria and Cowes trip 064

national gallery of victoria and Cowes trip 077

national gallery of victoria and Cowes trip 068

In the Gallery had an exhibition mobile of flowers, the flowers were cut lists for one them take and it entertaining was that had small bags with the name of the aexposicion printed, one les put water put the flower and closed with an aerial, all super cute! I placed so when we got home. https://instagram.com/p/BPJ-YbmgKNi/ Australia this surrounded of sea, is a tremendous Island, and makes years that not enjoyed of hours of beach and makes a couple of weeks decided to that would do a trip to where wanted that were with my James, to Phillip Island (where are them penguins more small of the world and where is runs the Motor Grand Prix) this place is to a hour of my city.  The fun was that I drove from ida with my father since I should have someone with a license since I only have a learner permit, the brought back car and we went to look for I drive back.

national gallery of victoria and Cowes trip 123

national gallery of victoria and Cowes trip 141

national gallery of victoria and Cowes trip 152

The name of the place is Cowes and very rich faith, we share with the owners House and I went to the beach every day, even the Enzo it enjoy! Now to continue to inspire me and finish this work I started in Cowes!


I want to leave guests to listen to this recording I made for you, the sound of the sea in Cowes. ¬†Use it to relax, to weave or to go to sleep… to my I love!

Can also access the mp3 and download it whenever they want using this link – relaxation by the sea



Oatmeal Cookies and cranberry – SUGAR FREE

In mid-September, I was diagnosed with fatty liver and stones in my gallbladder, the numbers showing the liver function were through the roof.

First thing I did was to ask that you should do to improve and I received the same response on the part of different doctors and was "let the fat", but the problem is that I do not how fatty foods, why was I decided to search for more information.  I found enough information and all guided me in the same direction, eating a diet green connmucho, enough lemon, olive oil, cabbage etc and stop eating potatoes, rice and pasta.  I started head follow these directions and happily in a month my numbers had dropped a HUGE amount! Only one of the indicators was high but had already fallen more than 200%!

Two weeks ago they took my gallbladder and I must tell you that I have not felt any change since for me the change had happened a lot before, since changing my diet or I returned to attack the liver/gallbladder.

Could keep them talking about the recpercuciones of the change in diet and much more, but today I want to share one with this super rich!

Yesterday it was so keen to have a cookie with a cup of coffee, but just thinking about that purchased are full of sugar and things better not think and those that are more sanitas are extremely expensive, on the other hand I have books with recipes for cookies, but are also not of the very healthy.  Me pusie to search online, but also gave something that was 100% of my taste, in the end di with a recipe on http://www.allrecipes.com which I really liked, but in the end just change it to an even healthier.

Bites of oatmeal and cranberry red (35-40 cookies)


  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1 / 2 teaspoon of cinnamon in powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon of cloves powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon Himalayan pink salt
  • 2 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1 cup of oats
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
  • 1/2 cup organic coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 1 grated carrot
  • 1/4 cup cranberries
  • 1/4 cup raisins or
  • 1/2 cup cranberries instead of 1/4 + 1/4


Prepare two trays for paper cookies to bake and preheat the oven to 190 degrees celcios

In a medium bowl, mix flour, spice powder, salt, powder baking, add oats and Add.

In a medium bowl Beat egg, vanilla extract, coconut oil (if this hard to put the microwave at 10-second intervals until this melted) and honey.

Add both mixtures in a single bowl.  Add the carrot, incorporating very well with dried fruit (blueberries or cranberries and raisins)

Using a teaspoon of tea, fill it with the mixture and let it fall into the tray, leaving 3 or 4 cm between them.

Bake for 10-15 minutes

The truth is that they are delicious and the best thing is that you don't feel guilty eating them, that are made with pure good things!

Tell me how you are!



Homemade biscuits for dogs!

As you know my dog called Enzo and he has been my friend since the departure of my James.  James Love (ba) to our Enzito and their resemblance made me fall in love with the aparentas saw it! If it was like having a doggy James.

Months ago I decided to start doing my compost at home, much less cook with meat and another thing is that I started to make my own cookies for our Enzo!

Look for recipes online and this is very similar to an of them, the truth is that are all very similar, but it best of all is that is super healthy!

Go here!

The ingredients are very basic and I imagine that only one will be the more complicated, since when lived in Chile not was very popular or economic.

1 ingredients: (makes 35-40 cookies)

1 cup whole wheat flour

1/2 cup of peanut butter, or as that I use today a much healthier with coconut and peanuts.

1/4 cup of applesauce (bought or homemade) or banana / plantain ground (1/2 banana is 1/4 cup)

1 / 4 cup of broth of animal, chicken or beef

1 short cookie


Preheat the oven to 175 degrees or medium/high (2)

Put all ingredients in a bowl (3) and fork mix until a homogeneous mass is obtained. (4)

Then form a ball with the hands. (5)

Put a bit of flour in the table and crush the mass leaving the as of less than 10 mm or something so and begin to cut using the short cookie (6)

Put the cookies in a metal base with butter paper for 15/20 minutes. (7)

Let them cool in mesh metal, when are cold put them in a container plastic with lid airtight or in my case I like use this tin metal.  (8)

Enzo is super fun whenever listen to open the door where I have them cookies is for! And know where they are! So say if we remove our cookies Tin ja ja ja! Or listen to them cans sound.

As me is with half banana decided to do a lot more so I have as for a month of goodies that asks Cade time that return to House when it have left only.

She loves!

that you think? Not forget to share this recipe with your friends!

have a good week



How to make a portable organizer of wool

My favorite knitting is in the Chair like to have wool I use available, usually for my projects use more than one color of acrylic so long I've used baskets and had them organized so

Although is see super cute, the truth is that cost keep them so of ordered.

For a good time look online to see if there was something to accommodate my situation and be able to have my wool to hand and ordered.  On one of my visits to Pinterest I found something clikco with me!

For this project we will need:

  • (Main) PVC pipe I use one of 15 cm diameter and 2.80 m long (you can also use whatever they want and observe the work contain wool inside!) – cut a 10 cm long – I got 28 tubes.

  • a 13.5 x 90 cm, wood is the one that I use (you can use another that fits your needs)

  • wheels and screws
  • cement for PVC-this is a glue special for this type of material and is fantastic! You find it in the shops of building materials.


First you must ensure you of that each tube this clean and with the banks sanded, my PVC is very thick and strong therefore a friend of my father-in-law them short by my, or if not it had made with the saw; then them wash in to one to leave them ready to be glued.

Using a screwdriver, screws and wheel located at the ends of the table by screwing her.

Then start the fun! Using cement for PVC paste tubes to the wood and Yes; Let them dry by some minutes, my cement is super good and in three minutes already were completely attached! Use clothespins to hang clothes or metal to ensure them as they dry, but it is not completely necessary.  Ensure you of that are firm before add the following run-on of tubes to your "wall" for wool.

I take 30 minutes do it, what most took was to have all the materials to do so.

so use your artistic ingenuity and gun your organizer of wool!

I love this project, works perfect with my cakes of wool and is very functional in addition giving a touch of color to my corner!

have a nice weekend!

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Bowl of wool the wool – do it yourself!

Today I come to share another do it your same and at the same time is a recycled for best! I love these! and to you?

When I did more than 70 pairs of gloves on 2012 together every piece of wool and had them in a bag and then throw them! because I thought that I could use them!

After this failed attempt to save the remains and somehow become a cachurera by profession, save restitos here and there… ¬†When my James died my great friend Coral I gift a plant very beautiful and came in a bucket red cute! and put it on a piece of furniture and Wham! started it to fill with the restitos I had here and there!

Then came the inspiration = spirit

It occurred to me to make a bowl with the remains of wool, a bowl for the lana!

Then I found the Red Bowl on the street (which does not appear in the photo but was the second that use), if! on the street and it was perfect for my project… I only needed white school glue PVA or colafria.

Here I give you my "recipe"

Bowl of wool to wool


yarn bowl and row counter 001

  • a bowl full of cuts/remains of wool
  • 500 grams of adhesive
  • Bowl mold
  • cling wrap / plastic kitchenware
  • adhesive tape


  • Covers the mold (Bowl) with plastic of kitchen and with tape adhesive unes them tips, if you use adhesive thick a cross is enough or 3 cross forming an asterisk, so the plastic not is move.

yarn bowl and row counter 002

  • cut the wool a little more (optional)

yarn bowl and row counter 003

  • moisten slightly it wool (2 tablespoons of water, so the glue gives for more)-I not it did but facilitates the process!
  • Proceeds to put the glue on wool and blend it with your fingers until the wool impregnated with glue, I had to put more water (not much!)

yarn bowl and row counter 004

yarn bowl and row counter 005

  • It covers your glue Bowl (mould)

yarn bowl and row counter 006

  • It begins to cover your bowl with the wool blend
  • Remember leave a hole for passing the wool through the.

yarn bowl and row counter 012

  • Let it dry completely (I take 5 days!)

yarn bowl and row counter 011

  • When this completely dry add a good layer of glue, if again! the glue that you use for this layer was not of the same quality as the previous and I am brand white :/
  • wool – short cover remove adhesive tape and thus sacala. ¬†then remove the plastic that is-inside-of the cover of wool.

tavys cowl and poncho 006

tavys cowl and poncho 007

  • After removing the plastic I had to dry the inside of the Bowl still had some moisture in the glue.

tavys cowl and poncho 008

  • Using acrylic spray transparent (or glitter), applied inside and outside your project, dry and apply a coat more, then a third.

This is the result!

tavys cowl and poncho 026

tavys cowl and poncho 027

Seem to noodles of colors! JA ja ja!

Animate and so do it, you can take advantage of way with your children, since it requires a taste by the disorder when you can mix with wool + glue.

tavys cowl and poncho 028

tavys cowl and poncho 029

tavys cowl and poncho 030

Can give it different uses! to decorate a House place or to put your wool and yarn through hole to put your tools and have them at your fingertips!

tavys cowl and poncho 032

tavys cowl and poncho 034

I hope that you liked and put hands to work!

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